Josefine König

Josefine König


Josefine starred in the lead role for HFF Shortfilm “1:1” by director Justina Jürgensen alongside Leonie Brill in this story about a young, soccer infused summer romance. Set to be released Dec 2021.

„Kanzlei Berger“ (aka „Kanzlei Kappelmann & Toechter“)

Kanzlei Berger is a humorous lawyer and family series produced by Constantin TV on behalf of Second German Television (ZDF). Watch Josefine Koenig (second from right) play the part of Linda. The filming took place in Landsberg am Lech and Munich second half of year 2020. Broadcast dates have not yet been set.

„Das Arrangement“

Josefine Koenig plays a police officer in the German TV Movie „Das Arrangement“ produced by Hager Moss for regional german public broadcasting corporation Südwestrundfunk (SWR, Southwest Broadcasting). Director: Isabel Kleefeld.

About Me – Josefine Koenig

Quarantine Series

„My Name is Josy“ is an independent Art House Project. The story is an emotional rollercoaster ride that resolves in the end and has the intention to leave the spectator speechless. It is a confusing story, with many intrigues.

Watch Josefine Koenig play alongside

Michael Bowen
Cade Carradine
Brock O’Hurn
Noah Segan

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„The Bold & The Beautiful!“

Josefine Koenig in: The Bold and The Beautiful

Watch Josefine play alongside

Denise Richards


Katrina Bowden

in CBS’

„The Bold & The Beautiful!“

Thesis Film: „The Fucking Shade“

Written and directed


Josefine Koenig and Peter Heres.

A satirical comedy about the rehearsal process of two young LA actors.