Josefine Koenig in: The Bold and The Beautiful

Out now: „The Bold & The Beautiful!“

Watch Josefine play alongside

Denise Richards


Katrina Bowden

in CBS’

„The Bold & The Beautiful!“

Thesis Film: „The Fucking Shade“

Written and directed


Josefine Koenig and Peter Heres.

A satirical comedy about the rehearsal process of two young LA actors.

My Name Is Josy

„My Name is Josy“ is an independent Art House Project. The story is an emotional rollercoaster ride that resolves in the end and has the intention to leave the spectator speechless. It is a confusing story, with many intrigues.

Directed by Mayk Azzato


Josy Miller – Josefine Koenig

Supporting Roles:

FBI Agent – Michael Bowen
Uber Driver – Cade Carradine
Jupiter Rourke (Barkeeper) – Brock O´Hurn
John Sheeperd (Boyfriend Josy Miller) – Noah Segan

Written by:

Paul El Selman
Francesca Azzato
Mayk Azzato


Azzato Studios

© Mayk Azzato 2019